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About Us
Calzados Asensio was founded in 1.965 by D. Ismael Asensio Pérez and has been manufacturing comfortable women’s shoes for nearly 50 years. The innovation of its designs and the constant renewal demanded by the market have meant the firm is obligated to be in close contact with fashion trends in raw materials, finishes, lasts, and manufacturing techniques season after season.

Calzados Asensio has been manufacturing comfortable women’s footwear for 45 years. Its models stand out for their elegance and above all for their comfort. The goal of this firm is to creative two line of footwear, so the clients are able to choose between a sports line for daily use, and another more elegant and exclusively designed line with matching bag.

The lasts, produced from raw materials purchased in their entirety on the Italian market, are studied closely to ensure they provide maximum comfort and guarantee the quality. That is how every season we are able to provide the latest market trends. All our models can be made with leather soles.